Aug 11 2020
Welcome to EURO Solutions! If this is your first time here we appreciate you coming to our website, and we hope you will stay for a while. If you have been here before, welcome back, we hope you like what you see and will come again in the future. EURO Solutions is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Welcome to Euro Solutions Ltd.


Euro Solutions'  dedicated business culture envelopes flexible, customized electronics manufacturing solutions with years of combined technical skills, allowing us to work with our customers, as single cost effective, reliable supply chain and assembly/box build provider of custom products and services. Our core competencies consist of producing simple ground wires, to complex multi-conductor cable harnesses to exacting specifications or rigorous military standards, and with the depth and breadth of our electro-mechanical assembly service team, we can assist with any project big or small.

Euro Solutions provides the support and services to meet the needs of our individual customers, taking your idea to finished product through concept, layout, bill of materials, component sourcing and efficient prototyping. 

We are the go to company in BC for:

  • Wire / cable harness assembly
  • Mechanical Sub- Assemblies
  • Rapid Prototyping Solutions
  • Design, Final Assembly to Testing
  • Turn Key Solutions
  • Demand Based Production
  • Box Builds and Panel Building
  • VMI and Kan Ban Programs
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Quality Control Systems 

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